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“So many books, so little time” is a classic, and Bound2please Books hopes to be as well. B2plz is an independent retailer. We sell new books as well as quality used titles, here and also from our ebay shop. Gently used books have an allure (and cost savings) that’s hard to resist. 

    We are a full-service book business! Have you been searching for a special book? B2plz is ready and willing to help you find that book. Email

“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies

and all the nooks.” – Dr Seuss

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Oct 10th - Reader Meet Writer, 11am -   Social media darling Miles McKenna will discuss her book OUT !  the ultimate coming out survival guide - RSVP


Oct 14th - Boston Anthenum presents A Virtual History of the Printed Ballot  at 6pm, registration required


Oct 15th - Reader Meet Writer, 7pm - Better Boys, Better Men with Andrew Reiner - RSVP


Oct 16th - Univ.California at Santa Barbara hosts Barbara Kingsolver who will discuss her new book of poetry. Register  


Oct 20-22nd - Cities Rising Summit, the Data's in the Details followed by

Oct 27-29th - Tightrope: American's Reaching for Hope  registration for either event via


I've been enjoying this podcast that "...explores the deep-rooted passion for sustainable living. The authors empower you with the skills and savvy they've gleaned from years of hands-on experience."



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