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“So many books, so little time” is a classic, and Bound2please Books hopes to be as well. B2plz is an independent retailer. We sell new books as well as quality used titles, here and also from our ebay shop. Gently used books have an allure (and cost savings) that’s hard to resist. 

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“Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies

and all the nooks.” – Dr Seuss

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Except for the Storey podcast, registration is required to participate in the following online events..

Oct 27-29th - Tightrope: American's Reaching for Hope  registration for either event via

Nov. 10

Book talk with Judith Flanders, author of  A Place for Everything: The Curious History of Alphabetical Order at 12 noon. To register for this event,


Nov. 13-14 

Free Admission to the Boston Book Fair: 11am-7pm.  

Nov. 17 

Handprints On Hubbbel - 12:30pm  Kathryn Sullivan chronicles her early life as a “Sputnik Baby,” her path to NASA through oceanography, and her initiation into the space program as one of the new guys. To register for this free event go to, Ms. Sullivan describes in vivid detail what liftoff feels like inside a spacecraft (it's like “being in an earthquake and a fighter jet at the same time”), shows us the view from a spacewalk, and recounts the temporary grounding of the shuttle program after the Challenger disaster.

Nov. 17  

Insights into the King’s Library of George III with Adrian Edwards who looks at how the monarch established his royal library of 65,000 books. The talk looks in particular at the king’s collection of Americana.  Free but you must register with the Bibliographical Society online via the society’s website. - 5:30pm LONDON time


I've been enjoying this podcast that "...explores the deep-rooted passion for sustainable living. The authors empower you with the skills and savvy they've gleaned from years of hands-on experience."



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