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Feb. 23rd, 6pm

A Conversation with Angie Thomas, author of THUG, and her latest, Concrete Rose, a poignant exploration of Black boyhood and manhood. Registration is necessary to receive the link


Feb. 25th, 7pm

Reader Meet Writer presents Economy Hall; The Hidden History of A Free Black Brotherhood by Fatima Shaik.  The story begins with the author’s father rescuing a century’s worth of handwritten journals, in French, from a trash hauler’s pickup truck. From the journals’ pages emerged one of the most important multi-ethnic, intellectual communities in the US South: educators, world-traveling merchants, soldiers, tradesmen, and poets.
Email to reserve your spot and receive the link on the morning of the event.

March 4th, 3pm

California Virtual Book Fair presents, What's Cooking with culinary history experts discussing books and ephemera of the culinary arts that are available at the book fair. Registration is required to receive the link for this and several other special interest programs

March 5th, 6pm

California Virtual Book Fair presents author Lynelle George with her new book, The World of Octavia Butler followed by a presentation from the Huntington Library where Butler's papers are held. Registration is required for this program

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