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SF and Fantasy books at B2Plz

SF and fantasy books at B2plz.

Do you think what you read defines who you are? If so, then who I am has changed very much over the years. When I was a younger person I read a lot of fantasy novels: lots of dragons, witches, and spells. Lately I have started to be interested in SF again, but from a completely different perspective. The old pulp space opera is so much fun! I found a box of my father’s SF paperbacks and started working my way carefully through the fragile copies. Starship Troopers the book is MUCH BETTER than the movie. Robert Heinlein’s writing sometimes just soars. What other writers are you swooning over?

Space opera from the early days of SF is very different from what’s on offer today. The science doesn’t really hold up, for one thing. Also, in these more contemporary futuristic worlds, there are women in space! And on all the planets! Reading vintage SF, men were strong and courageous and that’s pretty much all you needed to know. Actual physics and psychology play a much larger role in today’s speculative fiction.

There are so many amazing new writers in the field now, along with the classics—I don’t know if I can keep up but I want to try. It would be wonderful to meet other people who are interested in reading some old or new SF and then talking about the stories. So I’m going to host a Science Fiction Book Club beginning Saturday, April 6, here in the shop at 4:30 in the afternoon.

More fantasy titles in our inventory

B2plz carries new as well as gently used titles and the inventory changes constantly. We have a fair bit of science fiction and fantasy on our shelves at the moment: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jim Butcher, Madeleine L’Engle, Arthur C. Clarke and more. Come to the bookshop and let’s talk about what we like to read and why.

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