Sinister Plots, Prophetic Fiction, and Bourbon Anyone?

I’ve been settling into my home office and working to maintain my indie bookseller thumb print. I often join the coffee hour hosted by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance. SIBA has been so supportive, organizing and hosting the Reader Meet Writer series I promote on our FB page. B2plz has been able to present Author Readings on a regular basis over these last few months. Join us and receive the password for upcoming RMW events promoted on our Facebook page.

This indie bookseller is reading the new Louise Penny title, All The Devils Are Here which is due in September. Armand et famille are loose in Paris! The promo kit from the publisher came with swag for folks who pre-order from B2plz.

Check out www.GamacheSeries.com and compare the series international dust jackets to those of U.S. covers. A Reading Group guide is available for each title on the website and more - the Gamache Goes Abroad promotion campaign is fun.

Let me know if you’d like to receive a copy of All The Devils Are Here “hot off the press” in September - it's nice to have something to look forward to!

Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow is a classic of the "weird fiction" genre that, thanks to a red-herring subplot in HBO's "True Detective", has recently seen renewed attention. Chambers' short stories span an array of settings and periods, ranging from a futuristic NYC (as imagined in 1895) to a medieval French manor. What links them all is a diffuse sense of menace that is improbably heightened by Chambers' precise, almost clinical, prose.

His unsettling tales themselves focus an odd sort of warped - and crazily accurate - lens on life in COVID-time. As my imagination tried to construct an image of his fictional "Lethal Chamber" (which the book's opening story situates just south of NYC's Washington Square), my mind's eye recalled recent news reports to pencil in an additional disturbing detail: a long line of refrigerated morgue trucks waiting out back. It's easy to see why Chambers has so well withstood the test of time - as an author AND a visionary. - S.M.

A good bottle of bourbon should be enjoyed in good company. During their travels in bourbon country and beyond to conduct tastings and seminars, entertainment experts Peggy Noe Stevens and Susan Reigler often heard the question, "How do I do this in my home?" This book is their definitive answer. Which Fork Do I Use with My Bourbon? offers a step-by-step guide to hosting a successful bourbon-tasting party -- complete with recipes, photos, and tips for beginners and experienced aficionados alike.

Let Us Hear from You!

Many people signed up for B2plz email updates while visiting the shop in 2019. I hope the readers on this mailing list will comment on its content so I know you are “out there”. What is your favorite read this summer? Are you participating in any book related Zoom presentations? Has your book group been able to continue or is it stalled? Are you looking at home-schooling this Fall and need some educational material? Remember, you can order any book from B2plz and have it delivered to your home asap. Going forward that is my business model.

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