2020 Adventures Begin

I went traveling across the Atlantic during the holidays. You must agree that tiles in Portugal are eye candy!

Tiles in the wild ~ Portuguese tile ~ Lovely Portuguese tile

I’ve been changing up the bookshelves and moving sections of books around. An English Mystery section is evolving as well as a Riot Grrrl shelf. I want to add a shelf of Location Fiction (stories set in other countries) and an Illustrated Books selection. FYI some lovely Rockwell Kent books are newly arrived.

There is always something memorable to look at in this bookshop and currently a collection of flip motion books has my attention. Put a smile on your face watching Degas’ Dancer move and the choo-choo train come around the tracks.

B2plz is launching a book club to talk about Food Writers and Cookbooks. Our first meeting will be Saturday, February 22nd at 4:00 pm. Let’s talk about the food revolution and read stories of meals that shock and delight. Are you familiar with a bakery called Milk Bar? A dessert recipe that is rooted in the taste of milk languishing in a bowl of cereal put a chef on the map and launched an empire!

Laugh-out-loud antidotes from Ruth Reichl (Tender At The Bone), Robert Wolke (What Einstein Told His Cook) Alice Waters (Chez Panisse) and Michael Ruhlman (The Reach of A Chef) will be up for discussion in the coming months. B2plz Books also has a Science Fiction book group that meets on Saturday afternoons once a month. Keep up with our future events on Facebook or Instagram.

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