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“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” very wise words indeed. I hope this email finds its readers healthy and content with their altered lifestyles. Thankfully reading good books will often conquer feelings of despair.

The Overstory, an epic by Richard Powers I enjoyed for its beautiful prose concerning the life force of the great outdoors. I will read this novel again because of the multiple characters and story lines that almost overwhelmed this reader. I kept going and was glad I did because The Overstory does deserve high praise.

Painting by Reid Masselink - echos of The Overstory

Stephen King's novel Misery took me longer than expected to finish because I had to stop reading it at night! I remembered seeing the movie years ago but the book gave me insight into another angle. Readers get a writing tutorial as the victim struggles to give his tormentor the "cockadoodie" blockbuster she demands.

Grasshopper by Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell’s pseudonym) is an engaging distraction set in London with characters experiencing the wonders of young love. I’m attracted to English writers and their peculiar phrasing.

The Legend of Bass Reeves by Gary Paulsen has been in my stack of to-be read. A western set in the 1800s concerning a legendary lawman, a black man born into slavery. Bass was never glorified by the dime store writers of his day although he was unique for many reasons. He may have been among the first to go undercover and disguise himself to catch the murderers that roamed the west.

The Spy Mistress is another title in the Civil War series by author Jennifer Chiaverini. The novel is set in Richmond and features the real-life historical figure Elizabeth Van Lews who used her feminine wiles to aid Union prisoners and get vital information in and out of Richmond. The family was considered part of Richmond society and their belief in freedom and equality for all people put them at odds with many of their neighbors and friends. Unfortunately those basic civil rights are still debated 159 years later.

I hope some of you have enjoyed the online activities posted on B2plz social media (Reader Meet Writer) and as we zoom around the internet I would like to add some other high notes; The New York Society Library is hosting Trivia Night based on books and writers June 23rd at 6pm.

Open to the public but registration is required https://www.nysoclib.org/events/trivia-tuesday-evening-literary-trivia

The VA Festival of the Book is offering livestream presentations with authors, registration is required but interesting fodder is guaranteed https://VaBook.org

Having a brick and mortar bookshop for the past 14 months has been a great adventure. Meeting book enthusiasts and promoting literary events, B2plz in its inaugural year was as successful as I had hoped. While the economy continues to rock and roll, a virus demands face masks and gloves, and volatile elections loom, it seems wise to take B2plz Books online for the remainder of 2020. I will continue to add titles to the ebay shop www.ebay.com/sch/bound2p-33 and as always, items displayed on B2plz social media links are available for purchase as well.

Cloth masks with biblio designs will be available - thank you Ginger. This grateful bookseller sends virtual hugs to the patrons of B2plz Books - you know who you are!

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