Seven Years in the Kingdom by Beate Harttung

Seven Years in the Kingdom by Beate Harttung


Hardcover edition is inscribed by author with multiple illustrations and bibliography. Like New condition 

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    When she left the United States for Saudi Arabia in 1994, Beate Harttung had no idea she would fall in love with this country's beautiful deserts, its intriguing people, and its mysterious customs. Following her husband in his dentistry teaching career, she finds her own niche among the people of Saudi Arabia, teaching languages to royalty, attending lavish parties, and losing herself in the shopping experiences of the Kingdom. Though she struggles with unfamiliar gender roles, strict travel conditions, and sometimes even terrorist threats, Harttung develops a genuine affection for Saudi Arabia.

    Her book, in its efforts to dispel popular Western ideas about the Kingdom, provides a rich history, an in-depth travel account, and a love of a country that will transport the reader to a world mixing restriction and freedom, Western interest and Eastern heritage, and traditional beliefs and modern practices.


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