Logbook for Grace    by Robert Cushman Murphy

Logbook for Grace by Robert Cushman Murphy


Trade paperback edition is in Very Good condition, quite possibly never opened.

In 1912 Robert Cushman Murphy was a young marine zoologist at the American Museum of Natural History who was offered a chance to sail on the whaling ship Daisy from Nantucket to South Georgia. The age of steam had arrived, and Daisy was already a fading anachronism with not much time left (she would be lost a couple of years later, during World War I, while carrying a cargo of beans that got wet, swelled up, and burst her hull). Murphy was conscious that he would be reprising the role that Charles Darwin had played on the Beagle, and he was determined to be a worthy successor. He was also newly married, missed his wife very much, and maintained a journal for her that he would later expand into this book.