House Calls

If you are moving into a new home, or want to organize the books scattered throughout your house, Kathy Judge of B2plz will help. It does not matter if your printed materials are in boxes or strewn among the shelves—I will organize the clutter and make your library more accessible. Your collection reflects your interests and provides entertainment as well as refuge. If you’d like, the physical characteristics of your books will be noted in a printed or online inventory. My time in your home may reveal rare out-of-print titles, private press, noteworthy illustrators, and more. This will certainly help you decide which books to keep or dispense with.

Research and transcription for literary projects is another service available. Years ago a special client needed help organizing years of paperwork in order to write his memoir. The resulting archive helped the author glide through drafts and rewrites and finish his book efficiently. We had fun and you can read David Newsom’s Witness to a Changing World.

Whether you want to calculate a value for insurance purposes, archive an abundance of correspondence, or establish a collection, call Kathy at 540-672-4000 or stop by the shop in Orange,VA. A consultation to discuss a project costs nothing.

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