Successful Year @ Bound2Plz

I really enjoy book scouting and I have found some doozies to share. B2plz website should look tighter and more concise thanks to the efforts of OCHS and The Governor's School student Michael Fowler - he was quick to understand my website design frustration and together we worked on launching this new and improved site onto the internet highway. Cyndee was/is a patron of the shop and hired on p/t in September. I really appreciate her time and effort with social media posts and taking care of the shop while I was out scouting. Grayson Butterfield was gracious to lend B2plz the front window of 132 W. Main for “display-play” in Nov/Dec. Display, display - DisPlay is the name of the retail game! We had our first published poet reading on Dec 11th - at 11:30a.m - and it was an EVENT. In January (2020) B2plz will host another Open Mic night of which there have been a few already so stay tuned and prep for another OMN (open mic night). I was grateful for our small business Saturday sales and a portion of our December sales will be donated to local animal rescue. The abuse revealed at Peaceable Farm - in our own backyard - has made us all too aware that it’s out there and more $ is necessary to knock it down.

My book hunting exploits have netted the shop the following gems for your enjoyment …..

Lovely jacket designs for Ms. Pym

Vintage Buddha guide

Please know that B2plz Books is happy to special order for you and we have gift certificates available.