Eight Months 14 days and Counting

Eight Months 14 Days and Counting

Kathy Judge ·October 2, 2019 ·

The days and weeks have flown by – so many changes have occurred. So much paperwork has been filled out, so many passwords and usernames created to help establish an online presence for Books Bound2please. Gerilee has retired from book selling and new people are joining in the day-to-day patterns of the bookshop.

Sorting inventory into various genres has resulted in what I hope is a better curated space. Military History is well stocked and Local Interest has titles by authors E.L. Pace, Breece D’J Pancake and Phil & Susie Audibert. The Spirituality section contains authors Carlos Castaneda, a copy of Buddhist Boot Camp, and more traditional readings. If Shakespeare were on your mind stop by because there is a shelf of titles associated with him. A favorite of mine is Hamlet’s Dresser by Bob Smith. I’ve read it several times – and I’m not a Shakespeare enthusiast. In the fantasy and Science Fiction section several copies of Binti have gone out the door. The shop celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday by hosting a reading of The Sorcerer’s Stone. I enjoyed finally reading that book. No wonder millions of readers were awakened by this writer.

Despite minor distractions too often, I’ve managed to get some reading in. Reading books is my favorite part of running a bookshop! Many readers as well as moi enjoyed reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. It was the big summer book and deservedly so. Already movie rights are sold but I hope the book continues to enjoy the best seller list. Louise Penny is another author who crossed my table and A Great Reckoning will have me following her Inspector Gamache series for years to come. I enjoy the occasional odd bird read and Birding With A Purpose by F. Hamerstrom punched that ticket. Describing the trapping and banding of raptors and other flying objects during the 1970’s in a decrepit van with “live biting bait” was at times laugh out loud. I’ve just finished reading The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. This memoir came out several years ago and I found the dysfunctional family mesmerizing, such that I hereby forgive my parents everything! Clockwork Orange made my reading list for the Contemporary Classics book group. I scorn violence but found the gang/slang dialogue engrossing. I am determined to make more time to read which in turn should firm up the jelly between my ears.

B2plz has made efforts of outreach to the local schools. Not often do people under the age of 20 come into the bookstore. However, every so often I am given hope that the crowd that never experienced a rotary phone – still enjoy books. I try to entice people with books to be explored, no batteries necessary, no pw verification, etc.

The shop hours are changing to Mon & Tue 2-6 pm and Wed-Sat 10-6 pm or by appointment. That’s the plan but you know how plans don’t always fly smoothly! Too soon the holiday-palooza will be happening with people gathering and gifts exchanged. Probably B2plz has the book you want but we can also special order for you to give the perfect book to people on your list.

In the coming months please make an effort to shop the stores in your downtown. Local people are employed and customer service is a priority.