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Sinister Plots, Prophetic Fiction, and Bourbon Anyone?

Kathy Judge - August 2020

I’ve been settling into my home office and working to maintain my indie bookseller thumb print. I often join the coffee hour hosted by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance. SIBA has been so supportive, organizing and hosting the Reader Meet Writer series I promote on our FB page. B2plz has been able to present Author Readings on a regular basis over these last few months. Join us and receive the password for upcoming RMW events promoted on our Facebook page.

Painting by Reid Masselink - echos of The Overstory

B2Plz Now an Exclusively Online Book Business

Kathy Judge - June 2020

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” very wise words indeed. I hope this email finds its readers healthy and content with their altered lifestyles. Thankfully reading good books will often conquer feelings of despair.

The Overstory, an epic by Richard Powers I enjoyed for its beautiful prose concerning the life force of the great outdoors. I will read this novel again because of the multiple characters and story lines that almost overwhelmed this reader. I kept going and was glad I did because The Overstory does deserve high praise.

2020 Adventures Begin

Kathy Judge - February, 2020

I went traveling across the Atlantic during the holidays. You must agree that tiles in Portugal are eye candy!

Tiles in the wild

Portuguese tile

Lovely Portuguese tile

I’ve been changing up the bookshelves and moving sections of books around. An English Mystery section is evolving as well as a Riot Grrrl shelf. I want to add a shelf of Location Fiction (stories set in other countries) and an Illustrated Books selection. FYI some lovely Rockwell Kent books are newly arrived.

There is always something memorable to look at in this bookshop and currently a collection of flip motion books has my attention. Put a smile on your face watching Degas’ Dancer move and the choo-choo train come around the tracks.

Successful Year @ Bound2Plz

Kathy Judge- December, 2019

I really enjoy book scouting and I have found some doozies to share. B2plz website should look tighter and more concise thanks to the efforts of OCHS and The Governor's School student Michael Fowler - he was quick to understand my website design frustration and together we worked on launching this new and improved site onto the internet highway...

Eight Months 14 days and Counting

Kathy Judge - October 2, 2019

The days and weeks have flown by - so many changes have occurred. So much paperwork has been filled out, so many passwords and usernames created to help establish an online presence for Books Bound2please. Gerilee has retired from book selling and new people are joining in the …


Gerilee Hundt- July 31, 2019

It is with mixed feelings that I must announce that I will be leaving Bound2please Books at the end of August. It has been a lot of hard work getting the shop up and running. I've enjoyed meeting authors and readers and I'm satisfied that downtown Orange now has a very nice …

What it Means to Be Independent

Ona Bookshelf- May 7, 2019

B2plz has an opinion on the debate between independent bookstores vs. online entities. We (the indies) cannot compete with the behemoths (large online entities that shall remain nameless), nor do we want to, honestly. We would rather spend our time getting to know the books in …

Science Fiction Book Club

Gerilee Hundt- April 2, 2019

Do you think what you read defines who you are? If so, then who I am has changed very much over the years. When I was a younger person I read a lot of fantasy novels: lots of dragons, witches, and spells. Lately I have started to be interested in SF again, but from a completely …

Kathy's Thoughts

Kathy Judge- February 10, 2019

Dear Diary, So fun to unpack the books and get them on the shelf. Slow going since so many of them tempt the eye for periods of time–must keep it moving! Check for any faults, scan them into the inventory, wipe them down and price them. And for God’s sake don’t put your back out …