"Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere."
Mary Schmich

Kathy Judge

A book that I read again and again as a child was Harriet the Spy  - she turned me on to my love of summer tomato sandwiches. My love of reading followed me into the NYC publishing world, where I rode elevators with the 1970s celebrity bandit Patty Hearst while employed at Hearst Publishing.


Since then I’ve worked for booksellers and libraries and I started my first Book business in 2004. Library Logic took me into people’s homes to catalogue their libraries.

In 2019 I opened the Bound2please bookshop in Orange, Virginia, and ran it successfully until life changed with the appearance of Covid-19. For the time being, Bound2please Books is exclusively online. Reading, collecting, pricing, and scouting—the business of books has been a steady component in my life.

Bound2please Books will happily take special orders for book clubs and individuals. Our used books are all in Very Good condition, the pages are not marred by notes and highlighting. If there are minor  faults, creases, inscriptions, etc., we photograph and describe them when we list the book. You can also order new releases and have them delivered to your door—just let us know. Gift cards are also available! Email us at


Yes, B2plz even makes House Calls! If you have a substantial number of books you’d like to part with, Bound2please Books could be interested in purchasing them. Condition is paramount in our inventory selections. I enjoy scouting books and will travel to you.

Your book collection reflects your interests and provides entertainment as well as refuge. Consider having us inventory and catalogue your collection to better estimate its value. If you are moving into a new home, or just want to organize the books scattered throughout your house, B2plz can help. I will organize the clutter and make your library more accessible. This can certainly help you decide which books to keep or dispense with. My efforts might reveal out-of-print titles, signed books, hand colored maps, etc. Occasionally tucked away in the pages of books we find ephemera that spark your memories.


Research and transcription for literary projects is another service available. Years ago, a special client needed help organizing years of paperwork in order to write his memoir. The resulting archive helped the author glide through drafts and rewrites and finish his book efficiently.

Whether you want to calculate a value for insurance purposes, archive an abundance of correspondence, or establish a collection, phone me directly at 434-977-1044.  A consultation to discuss your project costs nothing!