"Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere."

Mary Schmich

Kathy Judge

The first book that influenced me as a child was Harriet the Spy  - she turned me on to my love of summer tomato sandwiches. My love of reading followed me into the NYC publishing world, where I rode elevators with the 1970s celebrity bandit Patty Hearst while employed at Hearst Publishing.


Since then I’ve worked for booksellers and libraries. I started my first business, Library Logic, in 2004. This took me into people’s homes to catalogue their libraries and help archive their personal correspondence (a service that B2plz continues to offer).

In January 2019 I opened the Bound2please bookshop in Orange, Virginia, and ran it successfully until life changed with the appearance of Covid-19. For the time being, Bound2please Books is exclusively online. Reading, collecting, pricing, and scouting—the business of books has been a steady component in my life.